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What is Temperament?

Temperament is our inborn characteristics that create the base of the personality and character.

Temperament is our psychological constituent which underlies our innate, lifelong behavior. Temperament is a structural core that determines our existential seeking, the way we perceive what is happening around us, and determines the motivations that underlie our behavior.

Determines the basic needs, expectations, and perspectives of people in life. From this point of view, the temperament can be compared to the DNA that contains the genetic code of the characteristics of the body (gender, hair-eye color, etc.) and the characteristics of individuals transferred from generation to generation.

How DNA contains all the information about a person's body, including bodily characteristics, the temperament that can be accepted as psychological DNA contains all the behavioral, emotional and cognitive characteristics that the person is prone to exhibit.

What Does Knowing Temperament Work For?

Knowledge of our temperament provides individual awareness of our strengths and risky aspects that need to be supported, and how we behave in stress and relaxed situations.

Knowing the types of temperament also raises our awareness of people's individual differences. Thus, it helps us to understand how people perceive life through their temperament, their basic existential motivations and their motivations that shape their behavior.

How much temperament can define me?

Our innate temperament structure is highly influential on our “actions, emotions and thoughts. It is the infrastructure and ground of our character and personality. In fact, temperament is the most fundamental building block that determines how we perceive life, how we interpret events and situations, our decisions and orientations, and our motivation for behavior.


The Nine Type Temperament Model is a “scientific and original” temperament model that starts with the concept of “self-recognition” and guides people to recognize themselves in all positive and negative aspects.

The Nine Type Temperament Model evaluates people from an “individual differences” perspective and evaluates them from a holistic perspective and interprets the individual's action, emotional and cognitive behavior characteristics by taking the concept of temperament as the center.

The Nine Type Temperament Model describes the inherent potential of each individual, the characteristics that need to be balanced, changes in behavior in relaxed or stress situations,natural personality traits stemming from temperament and the synthetic personality traits that the individual acquires later in a comprehensive, consistent and holistic manner.

According to the Nine Types of Temperament Model, each person is born with a dominant temperament of nine different types. Each of the nine temperament types has its own seeking, orientation, and motivation. Our innate temperament structure is highly influential in our actions, emotions, and thoughts. In fact, temperament is the most important factor that determines how we perceive life, how we interpret events and situations, our ways of communicating, our decisions and orientations, our working motivations and the dynamics of all our social relationships. The Nine Type Temperament Model evaluates people, their positive potentials, their risky features open to negativity, and their changing behavioral characteristics when they are stressed and comfortable from a consistent, holistic and comprehensive perspective.


Perfection Seeking Temperament Type


Seeking to Feel Emotions Temperament Type


Admirable Self Image Seeking Tempe Type


Seeking Meaning of Emotions Temperament Type


Seeking to Reach Meaning of Knowledge Temparement Type


Intellectual Serenity Seeking Temperament Type


Joy of Discovery Seeking Temperament Type


Absolute Power Seeking Temperament Type


Sensory Motor Comfort Seeking Temperament Type

Temperament Type Tests

Pre-School Temperament Type Test
Temperament test applied to individuals aged 4-7 years.
Kid's Temperament Type Test
Temperament test applied to children aged 7-11 years.
Teen's Temparement Type Test
Temperament test applied to individuals aged 11-18.
Adult's Temperament Type Test
Temperament test applied to individuals aged 18 and over.

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